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Product Name Ball-Lok Ties
Series Stainless Steel Ties
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Product Description


These ties are quick and easy to apply offering a versatile solution for cable management, hose sleeve attachment, and other medium duty applications. The self-locking buckle offers superior corrosive, abrasive and UV resistance performance that makes this product perfect for harsh or marine environments.

Ball-Lok ties are availabile in two types: KE premium ties and KT standard ties. The smooth inside diameter of the KE ties further reduces the potential for damage to cabling or shielding during the tensioning process.

Both ties can be installed by hand or with tools to assure uniform tension and clean tail cut-off for safe handling. The two hand tools recommended for this application manually tension and cut-off the tail of the band and can be used on coated or uncoated ties. The XE9229 tool is known as KE9229 outside of North America.

- Manufactured in BAND-IT global sites and UL Certified.

- Available in both 304 and 316 Stainless Steel to provide good to excellent corrosion resistance in a wide variety of environments.

- Self locking design allows fast installation

- Install with tools to ensure uniform tension and clean tail cut-off for safe handling

- This product line is also available with black epoxy coating which reduces the risk of cutting or abrading cable insulation or hose covering


- Higher loop tensile strength

- Available uncoated or coated with 100% black Epoxy

- Smooth inner diameter design

Certified By:

- Available uncoated or coated with 30% Polyester and 70% Epoxy

- Fold over design

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