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Product Name Oil Lubrication Pump
Model AMGP-01M(F) Type
Series Oil Lubrication Pump
Product Description

A-ryung machinery  AMGP-01M(F) Type

- AMGP-01M series pump lubricates intermittently the oil by analog timer installed inside the pump with resistive distributor. (DB type)

- This type is applied analog control system and by turning left and right direction it can easily control the interval and discharge volume..

- Because the LED lamp plate is fitted in front of the pump, it is suitable to check the operation conditions and the trouble.

- This pump has a terminal to contact outside controller to alarm the oil shortage. (Option)

- As the pump is installed feed button switch inside of pump, it is easy to remove the air and to operate by manual.

- This pump is mainly used machine tools, printing, foods, fabrics, injection machine, press and various industrial machine. 

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