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Product Name Oil Lubrication Pump
Model AMGP-01A(F) Type
Series Oil Lubrication Pump
Product Description

A-ryung machinery  AMGP-01A(F) Type

- It is an intermittent pump containing the digital timer inside to control the discharge volume correctly. There are two types, one is used to be combined with resistive distributors(DB type), the other is to be combined with measuring distributors (ARD-340, 350, PVO type).

- It has digital controller to check easily the operation with indication of letters and numbers on the controller. the surface is beautiful and easy operation checking.

- It is possible to lubricate by setting intervals and discharge time easily and precisely.

- This pump has a terminal box to contact outside controller to alarm the oil shortage. (Option) 

- As the pump is installed feed button switch inside of pump, it is easy to remove the air and to operate by manual. 

- This pump is mainly used machine tools, printing, foods, fabrics, injection machine and various industrial machine. 

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