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Product Name Pump Control Valves
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Product Description

The Pump Control Valves is pump discharged valve and has the complex function for control of the water discharge, prevention of backward flow and water stop.
 In particular, since it is installed as many function control facility to the water intake plant by auto operation, sand and discharged pumping station, booster pumping station and rain water pumping station, it will protect the pipeline and simple for using method and it has function to have operation and maintenance without the special training from operator at site of pumping station. 

1.Purpose of Use 
As it is the multi-function valve control of water quantity (check & water stop), in the time of stop of the pump operation, it will remarkably decrease water tightness occurred to the pipeline and in particular, it has function to relax the water impact while electric power is failed. 

2. Function of Pump Control valve 
-Function to Control Water Flow -Perfect Water Stop Function
-Function for Check Valve -Function for Drain Valve
3.Sorts of Pump Control valve 
Use for High Head of Fluid / Use for Low Head of Fluid

4.Feature of Pump Control valve 
 -Decrease for Building Area(Decrease for check Valve)
 -Decrease for Facility Cost(No need for use of water control valve)
 -Decrease for electric power(decrease for Head Loss)
 -Auto operation of pumping station
 -Relaxation of water impact
 -CONE SEAL TYPE(Life intension of Seal and perfect index)

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