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Product Name Helium Leak Detecting
Model LD-Series
Series Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System
Product Description

- Helium Leak Detecting
As a device which finds a delicate part when assembling and manufacturing various products by using inactive gas such as helium, it is equipment that measures an amount of leaking by extracting the charging amount and ionizing helium in Mass Spectrometer

- Product Organization

Product Specifications
- Power:  220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
- Used gases: Air, He, N Gas
- Helium pressure: 5 15kgf/㎠
- Reaching pressure: 6.7 X 10 Pa
- Work pressure: 1.3 x 10 13 Pa (1~0.01 Torr)
- Controlling system: Automatic Control PLC
- Leakage sensitivity: 10 10 Pa ㎥/sec

Product Feature
- Minute leaking part can be detectable
- It is not influenced by the size of work, and it is easy to operate
- Recording on data is possible for quality control because an accurate total leak rate is measured
- Reliability can be higher by an auto matization of tests.
- The most high reliability and among an existing leak test system.