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Product Name Vacuum Dehydration
Model CV-Series
Series Refrigeration & Air Conditioning System
Product Description

Vacuum Dehydration Equipment (CENTER VALVE TYPE)

This equipment preserves secrecy by an oil film layer supplied the top and bottom parts of circle, accurately manufactured in the center, by a surface contact at the top; does not need a separate preservation device; is in a divided bottom part into vacuum sections(3~5 Sections) in a solid structure of exterior and confidential; is in sectional-connected vacuum pumps; has an outstanding vacuum reaching pressure for each vacuum sections by a connection and rotation of products because its top part is formed with a connected inlet that can connect various products; and has an interior that dehumidifies due to a low steam pressure

Product Organization

Product Specifications
- Power: 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
- Reaching Pressure: 13Pa (1.0 X 10 Torr)
- Time required: 480~600 sec/rev
- Noise: 80dB
- Weight: 4,000~8,000 kg

Product Features
- It preserves confidential only by a connection of sides and can be used semi-permanently because of its low rotation.
- It can reach up to a high-degree vacuum in a short period of time by a small-quantitative vacuum pump and a high-powered booster pump, so it is optimum equipment for degassing moisture.
- The quality of product is uniform due to the same degree of a vacuum all the time.
- It is easy to deal with when developing an structure of an equipment and enlarging the vacuum capacity.
- Maintenance repair and oil management of the vacuum pump is easy.
- It is the most suitable for the quality stabilization in a vacuum scanning function.
- It prevents a penetration of external moisture due to N Gas charge.