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Product Name Glasswool Panel
Series Sandwich Panel
Catalog Glasswool Panel Catalogue.pdf
Product Description


We use first class incombustible glass fiber which ensures risks from fire with excellent durability and vibration proof

Perfect incombustibility
Made from pure inorganic glass fiber, it dose not burn easily and does not renerate poisonous gas.

High endurance
Specially pre-coated weather and heat resistance provide food retainment of original form.

Highly water and moisture proof
Uses spesically treated water and moisture resistance.

Heat conductivity
Many clolors, texture and sizes to choose from, allowing construction for all types of buildings.

multiple applicability
Glass fire is composed of uniform and hard structurem which makes low heat conductivity.

Excellent sound-absorbing efficiency
Glasswool absorbs sound which makes our products highly soundproof and absorbent.

WOOSHIN APEC Glasswool Panel

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