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Product Name Flexible Disc Coupling
Model W8-00D
Series Flexible Disc Coupling
Catalog Catalog-Woo Chang-Flexible Disc Coupling-W8-00D.pdf
Product Description

Woo Chang Coupling  W8-00D

Flexible disc couplingg

The Woo Chang flexible disc coupling requires no lubricant because there is no friction. It is clean and there are no electric parts, so there is no noise or wear. No maintenance is required if the coupling is mounted within error limits and there is no change to the initial state when in use; with proper treatment this product has a long lifespan. A wide range of options is available.


- No maintenance is required
- High tolerance for misalignment
- High torsional rigidity is possible
- No backlash
- Tolerates unfavorable conditions
- Transmits high speed and torque
- Custom designs are possible to allow for even larger mounting misalignment

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