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Product Name Electric Spinning Machine
Series Automatic Machinery - Industrial Equipment
Product Description

Equipment to produce fine nano-sized fibers using electrostatic repulsion


Chemical drying and high temperature process are unnecessary

Fabrication of large, complex polymer fibers

The characteristics of electrospinning and the convenience of dry spinning


Dimensions : 22,000 x 4,500 x 2,400mm

Total Number of multi-nozzle : 200ea

Spinning voltage : 1~100KV, 4set

Substrate speed : 0.2~10.0m/min

Spinning distance : 150~500mm

Polymer mix station : Unwind/rewind

Air dryer : Adhesion pre-treatment

Humidity control : Waste air treatment

Power : 10KW

Tipoel Electric Spinning Machine Tipoel Electric Spinning Machine  1

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