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Product Name CPU Cooler (Micro Wave)
Model Micro Silencer
Series Cooler
Product Description

Micro Wave - Discontinued Product
Micro Silencer  

PCT (Power Clamping Technology) a.Minimization
b.Low noise
c.Thermal stability

Design compatibility a.ATX, Micro ATX form factor
b.Low Profile (LP) case
c.Compatible with Pannel PC, Tunning PC, Car PC

Stable structure a.Stable mounting method
b.Light weight

Only for Intel Socket 775

Thermolab CPU Cooler (Micro Wave) Micro Silencer

Applicable CPU

◦Socket Standards : Intel Socket 775
◦Thermal Design Power of CPU : below 105Watt
◦Motherboard Standards : Micro ATX, ATX


Thermolab CPU Cooler (Micro Wave) Micro Silencer 1



Product NameMicro Silencer
Dimension103.5 x 99 x 59 (L x W x H)mm
Weight276g (Heat sink and Fan)
Heatsink MaterialPure copper (Heat Pipe), Aluminum(Base Block, Fins)
Dissipation Area1,740 cm²


SpeedLess than 2,600rpm 10%
Noise Level (1)34.6dBA at 2,650rpm
Bearing TypeRifle Bearing
Control MethodPWM, Auto Restart, Locked Current protection
Fan Life Expectancy70,000hr continuous at 40℃, 15~65% relative humidity

TIM (Thermal Interface Material)

Thermal Conductivity8 W/mK (ASTM D 5470)
Viscosity190 Pa·s
Density2.6 g/cm³

Note(1) : Measured at a point of 1m away from noise sources.

Thermolab CPU Cooler (Micro Wave) Micro Silencer 2

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