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Product Name CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling)
Model bada2010
Series Cooler
Product Description

Quiet Cooling

BADA(바다) [bada] has a meaning of 'the sea' in Korean.
 As though the sea is the source of "Harmonized and Balanced" for all natural objects, we want bada2010 to be a cooler that makes "Harmonized and Balanced" regarding thermal transfer, noise and tuning in PC system.
bada2010 is Low Noise-oriented CPU Cooler for high-end users who want use PC more quietly.
 bada2010 runs almost noiselessly 1,000~1,500rpm in general situation. 
 Although bada2010 runs 2,100RPM, users can be satisfied with its Low Noise.

Available in PC Case of above 165mm width.
4-PIN PWM Rounded 92mm FAN Support.
Effective Cooling Performance with Low Noise (17~20dBA) at Low RPM (Max.2100rpm)
Silicon Fan Mount prevent vibration of FAN.
High quality Thermal Grease
Cooling performance similar to Big Tower Cooler
Various Socket compatibility

Applicable CPU

Socket Standards
Intel Socket LGA 2011, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1366, 775 CPUs / AMD Socket FM2, FM1, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2 CPUs


Product Namebada2010
Dimension135 × 115 × 95mm (H x W x L)
MaterialPure Copper and Pure Aluminum
Heat PipesThree 6mm diameter copper Heat Pipes(Sintered powder type)
Dissipation Area5,175 cm²
Thermal Grease

Color : Gray / Thermal Conductivity : 4.0W/mK / Specific Gravity : 2.6 /

Operating Temperature : 0~150℃ / Capacity : 2g

Fan Dimension4-Pin Round 92mm PWM Fan
Fan Bearing TypeLong Life Rifle Bearing
Fan Speed (PWM Duty)1,000 - 2,100rpm ± 10% (0-100%)
Fan Noise Level(1)16-27.1 dBA

note(1) : Measured at a point of 1m away from noise source.

Thermolab CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling) bada2010Thermolab CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling) bada2010 1Thermolab CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling) bada2010 2Thermolab CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling) bada2010 3Thermolab CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling) bada2010 4Thermolab CPU Cooler (Quiet Cooling) bada2010 5


◦Warranty period is one year from the date of purchase and covers any defects of the product in materials or workmanship free of charge But, any damages or malfunction caused by customer faults shall be charged

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