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Product Name Valve Leak Tester
Model TO-108VL
Series Testing for Metal
Product Description

◇ This tester measures the airtightness of the valve during the  test by applying N2 to the set pressure inside
   the pneumatic On / Off valve and shutting off. 

◇ Pressure, and test time can be set.

TEST ONE Valve Leak Tester TO-108VL

When you first run the equipment (PC), the above screen is displayed on the monitor. Selection Program page
button/Selection Calibration page button/program end button are at the top. and at the bottom, there is a test
method field for each of the six samples.

There is a button at the top to enter the test spec for each sample. In the lower part, real time pressure,
stabilization time progress, stabilization pressure, real time pressure, Leak pressure amount and test progress
time are displayed in order. 

The test result of the test progress can be checked. At the bottom, there are Start Test & Test End button.

TEST ONE Valve Leak Tester TO-108VL 1
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