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Product Name Development Kit
Model Eddy-DK v2.1
Series Embedded Module
Product Description

– Eclipse based IDE – LemonIDE™
– GUI Development Environment
– C/C++ Compiler
– Source Code Editor
– Remote Debugging, Remote Monitoring
– SDK including API and Source Codes
– Includes easy-to-use Windows Utilities



The Eddy Development Kit provides an easy testing and evaluation platform for Eddy applications. Therefore, before integrating Eddy nto the hardware environment, applications can be first programmed and tested on the development board. Power, Ready, Communication interface and GPIO Serial Signal status LEDs on the development board provide a visual guide to understanding Eddy’s operating status.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

Eddy allows you to upload and execute customized user applications. The open design enables developers to program their own socket/serial communication applications using an array of tools including a SDK (Software Development Kit), API (Application Programming Interface) and Source Code.

LemonIDE™ Development Environment

LemonIDE™ is an Eclipse-based development environment. It provides a GUI that enables easy development of applications and firmware running on Linux. In addition, all the operations related to GNU C/C++ compiler, source code editor, remote debugging and remote monitoring can be processed in this environment.

Windows Utility Support

SystemBase provides powerful and free utilities to monitor and test your completed products over the network and the serial interface. Management utilities include, COM port redirector, PortView™ and TestView™. These tools enable accurate monitoring and administration of your product designs.


SystemBase Development Kit Eddy-DK v2.1


SystemBase Development Kit Eddy-DK v2.1 1

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