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Product Name Wireless Module
Model Eddy-CPU/BT v2.1
Series Embedded Module
Catalog Eddy-CPU v2.pdf
Product Description

– ARM926EJ-S CPU / 8MB DATA Flash / 32MB SDRAM
– Pin Header Interface (144 Pins)
– 10/100 Ethernet PHY (Auto MDIX)
– Supports Bluetooth Specification v2.0 + EDR (Class 1)
– Programmable GPIO (56 Pins)
– Watchdog Timer
– Supports SNMP
– SDK and API for Developers Provided
– Operated by Embedded Linux
– Supported by Eclipse based IDE, LemonIDE™



Eddy CPU/ BT Bluetooth Module enables reliable serial to Bluetooth connectivity. This robust and secure module supports Bluetooth Spec v2.0 +EDR Class1 to your devices. It is equipped with a powerful ARM9G20(400MHz) processor, 8MB DATA FLASH, 32MB SDRAM and supports Embedded Linux 2.6.21, 56 programmable GPIO pins and Windows/Linux operable IDE, LemonIDE provides you with an easy and simple way to program customized applications. Eddy-CPU/BT provides a flexible yet simple way to integrate Bluetooth connectivity into your products.

High Performance Specification

Compared to the existing embedded modules with only an 8bit CPU and 256Kb memory, Eddy-CPU boasts its high performance design with 400MHz clock, 8MB DATA FLASH memory, 32MB SDRAM and 32bit ARM9 CPU. Embedded Linux operating system enables your applications to run faster and more stable.

SDK, API & Source Codes Support

Eddy allows you to upload and execute customized user applications. The open design enables developers to program their own socket/serial communication applications using an array of tools including a SDK (Software Development Kit), API (Application Programming Interface) and Source Code.

Development Kit

The Eddy Development Kit provides an easy testing and evaluation platform for Eddy applications. Therefore, before integrating Eddy into the hardware environment, applications can be first programmed and tested on the development board. Power, Ready, Communication Interface and GPIO Serial Signal status LEDs on the development board provide a visual guide to understanding Eddy’s operating status.

Windows Utility Support

SystemBase provides powerful and free utilities to monitor and test your completed products over the network and the serial interface. Management utilities include, COM port redirector, PortView™ and TestView™. These tools enable accurate monitoring and administration of your product designs.


SystemBase Wireless Module Eddy-CPU/BT v2.1


SystemBase Wireless Module Eddy-CPU/BT v2.1 1

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