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Product Name Serial Port
Model Multi-8U COMBO
Series USB Device
Product Description

– USB to 8 ports Serial Adapter/Converter
– Supports USB Rev 2.0
– Communication speed: Up to 921.6kbps
– Display communication status via TX/RX LED
– Power to the pin – deliver +5V to pin 9
– Auto Togging: Automatic control of BUS I/O for RS422/RS485
– Slew-Rate Limit Control
– ±15kV Surge protection



Easily and quickly add additional serial ports to your system through the USB port. The Multi-8U delivers maximum performance up to 921.6Kbps. Combine that with the need for fewer components and you get costeffective and reliable connections to your serial devices.
 The USB to Serial Multiports support most Windows and Linux operating systems and include 15,000 volt surge suppression eliminating blown ports. The Multi-8U includes a 8 port panel with a DB9 connector and is available in two models, RS232 and RS422/RS485. Simply plug in the USB connector and you have a COM port to connect modems, printers, bar-code scanners or other any serial devices.

Connector Panel:

The Multi-8U plugs into the USB port on your system. The connector panel has eight DB9 female connectors and is available with support for either RS232 or RS422/RS485. LEDs next to the connector provide visual communication status of the ports. No additional power supply is required.

Supports USB Specification Revision 2.0:

The Multi-8U supports revision 2.0 and is compatible with revision 1.1

15KV Surge Protection – Built-in:

Don’t risk blown ports and down time. The Multi-8U has built-in 15,000 volt surge suppression to protect against electrical spikes and blown ports giving you more reliable communications.


SystemBase Serial Port Multi-8U COMBO


SystemBase Serial Port Multi-8U COMBO 1


SystemBase Serial Port Multi-8U COMBO 2

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