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Product Name Serial Card (PCI Express)
Model Multi-2/PCIe RS232
Series Serial Card
Product Description

– 2 ports serial communication card
– Supports PCI Express Base Specification v1.1 and v2.0
– RS232 serial interface
– The world’s leading 256 byte FIFO
– Communication speed: Up to 921.6kbps
– Supplies 5V or 12V to pin #9
– ±15KV Surge protection



Easily add additional serial ports to your system. The Multi-2/PCIe is equipped with SystemBase’s powerful semiconductors to deliver maximum performance up to 921.6Kbps with the world’s leading 256 byte FIFO preventing overrun errors. Combine that with the need for
 fewer components and you get cost-effective and reliable connections to your serial devices. The Multiport boards support most Windows operating systems and include 15,000 volt surge suppression eliminating blown ports. The Multi-2/PCIe has two on-board DB9 connectors to easily attach RS232 devices. This board is ideal for POS, hospitality, factory automation and building automation applications.

Power to the port

The Multi-2/PCIe is configurable to deliver +5 or +12 volt power to pin 9 to power external devices. This functionality is ideal for connecting low power devices such as barcode readers and receipt printers eliminating the need for an external power supply.

15KV Surge Protection – Built-in:

Don’t risk blown ports and down time. The Multi-2/PCIe has built-in 15,000 volt surge suppression to protect against electrical spikes and blown ports giving you more reliable communications.


SystemBase PCI Express Multi-2/PCIe RS232


SystemBase PCI Express Multi-2/PCIe RS232 1


SystemBase PCI Express Multi-2/PCIe RS232 2

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