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Product Name Multi Hand Washing Station
Model SKHP-PA551UV
Series Medical Sterilizer / Washer
Product Description

Model NameSKHP-PA551UV
Structure and featuresUV washing, sensor, paper towel, liquid soap bottle, trash can are all attached for convenient use

A time when hygiene management is important Multi Hand Washing Station

Hand Washing / liquid soap / hand dryer or paper towel / hand sterilizer
A Multi-hand washing station that has all-in-one rather and needs no individual installations

Proper hand washing prevents various diseases. Proper hand washing is the most effective way to prevent various diarrhea diseases and pneumonia. After using the bathroom and before cooking food, be sure to practice proper hand washing. Proper hand washing is the most economical practice for health care. According to research, if you invest $3.35 (about 3,500 KRW) to properly wash your hands, it brings the same result as spending 200 dollars (about 200,000 KRW) on domestic water supply, or getting vaccinations worth thousands of dollars (1 million KRW or more).

[Source] World Handwashing Day!!|| Author Korea Tourism Human Resources Development Institute


Hand Washing System
Easy to used for hand hygiene and cleanliness

Beautiful appearance
Made with the finest polishing plate, the appearance is beautiful and hygienic

Prevents Cross-contamination
You can wash your hands without even touching the faucet, which prevents cross-contamination.

Stainless Steel 304 (STS304)
STS304 is a semi-permanent since it contains nickel which protects the unit form rust while it has an excellent heat resistance.

UV washing, Sensor, Paper towel, liquid soap bottle, trash can are all attached for convenient use

- Easy to install and can be installed anyplace
- Since stainless 27 types (SUS304) are used, it does not rust and semi-permanent

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