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Product Name Clean air shower
Model SK-2020CL
Series HACCP / Air Shower
Product Description

Model Name
Standard for 2 persons
Standard : 1900×1500×2250mm
Power Consumption : 1600W
Maximum Air Volume : 34cmm
Standard for 3 persons
Standard : 1900×2100×2250mm
Power Consumption : 3200W
Maximum Air Volume : 36cmm
Standard for 4 persons
Standard : 1900×2700×2250mm
Power Consumption : 3200W
Maximum Air Volume : 68cmm
Standard for 6 persons
Standard : 1900×3900×2250mm
Power Consumption : 4800W
Maximum Air Volume : 72cmm
Standard for 8 persons
Standard : 1900×5100×2250mm
Power Consumption : 6400W
Maximum Air Volume : 102cmm
Structure and features
A product that removes dust particles or bacteria on the body using powerful clean air before entering clean rooms or workspaces,
sterilizes with ion clusters, and allows for entrance after deodorization.

Prevention of novel COVID-19 infection Clean Air Shower

A Product that removes dust particles or bacteria on the body using powerful clean air before entering clean rooms or workspace, sterilizer with ion clusters, and allows for entrance after deodorization.

- Before entering clean rooms, an air shower installed at the entrance will allow for users to sanitize their hands and be washed with clean air to prevent pollutants on clothes to enter together.

- A functional property of the ion clusters includes covering odor molecules, microorganisms, various bacteria, and fungi in the air. Using this principle, deodorization and sterilization can create clean air. Within the air shower is the HEPA filter and fan, there to wash the whole body using clean air, and the airflow then passes through the free filter and HEPA filter installed at the bottom on both sides to be changed into clean air.

- The material is made of stainless steel 304 NO4, so the appearance is beautiful and solid.

This is a mandatory and necessary product for the long-term future as outbreaks such as COVID-19 will not dwindle away nor will it be the last.

Prevention of infection through body disinfection
The automatic recognition perfectly sanitizer and prevents infection through physical contact as it sprays the disinfectant solution on the body upon entry

Time Control of nozzle Sprays
Depending on what the user needs, the time setting for nozzle sprays can be adjusted according to the designs of the product

LOCK Function : Random setting changes controlled
The design restricts random setting changes but only allows functional changes by the administrator

Checking of disinfectant solution fluid levels using the sensor upon activation, alarm function for sounding warnings
The automatic sensor recognizes when the disinfection solution needs to be replenished, and informs this using Waring sounds (buzzer) to allow for convenient  use

Minimum operating expenses
The disinfectant solution spray amount can be controlled by the users according to their needs allowing for expense saving

Stainless 304 (STS304)
The STS304 is semi-permanent because it contains nickel and does not rust 

Why we need to use body sterilizers

- Minimize the frequency of outbreaks of transformed virus epidemics caused by environmental and climate changes

- Public space entries need daily disinfection equipments that are harmless to the body and can provide protection

- Upon entry, the automatic recognition sprays the whole body with alcohol (60~70%) to sterilize viruses

- Parallels the move to modify public space users' understanding regarding the importance of daily prevention (audio and visual effect)

Where? Screening Centers, Businesses, Schools, Restaurants, Kids cafes, Model houses, Public offices, Health Centers, Nursing Hospitals, Libraries, Churches, Academies, Hospitals, Clinics, Public facilities, etc

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