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Product Name Book Sterilizer
Model SK-B0199ST
Series Life Prevention Sterilizer / Book Sterilizer
Product Description

Book Sterilizer

Model NameSK-B0199ST
Rated Voltage220V 60Hz
Power Consumption100W
Capacity6 books, lower integrated type
Structure and featuresMain body: STS-304 (stainless)_ UV disinfection (15W lamps) + plasma/ HEPA filter/ one-touch activation

Prevention of novel Covid-19 infection Book Sterilizer

It automatically flips the pages without making any noise while effectively removing dust and preventing infection of various infectious diseases.

This product uses wind to shake off dust and foreign substances on the book, and disinfects books with UV-C, which has a strong sterilization power of 64 times or more than direct sunlight, and the attached air freshener provides a pleasant scent to the book. When outside air flows in, the clean air filtered through the filter flows inside.

Why you need to use a book sterilizer

- Increase in incidence of transformed virus and pandemic infectious diseases 

- Parallels the move to modify library users' perception on the importance of daily prevention (visual effect) 

- Effective prevention against cross-infection through books

- Effective removal of bugs on books

- Disinfect mucus that may be on the surface of the book

- Helps to relieve anxiety caused by unspecified contact

- Use strong wind to remove foreign substances and disinfect areas that cannot be washed with water

Effective book sterilization
Maximum of 50cm book sterilization, UV rays are directly transmitted between and on pages so the page areas where the hand touches to flip pages will be specifically sterilized

Science for minimizing sterilization time
Method involves the book being opened downwards so that 30W of UV light is directly shone inside

Simultaneous sterilization of up to 6 books
Sterilization time: 30 seconds 1 minute, 45W lamp powerfully and instantly sterilizes

Compact small design
Designed to be placed on a table allowing for excellent space utilization Saves room by allowing multiples of the product to operate in a small space

Dust removal, fragrant sterilization
Dust from the books can be removed with the filter on the back of the device; natural fragrance spray available

Noiseless special design
Generates high pressure air from the bottom, all without noise Noise is 20dB, much less than the library noise standard

How to replace the air freshener

As shown in the picture below, open the handle and push the body down, then replace the air freshener

How to replace the lamp

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