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Sungshin HASCO Limited currently lead the market in HVAC&R field with the goal of creating comfortable and convenient advanced resident environment.

We jumped to the market, beginning with “Hungsan Zenith, Inc.” in 1996 for the first time, providing copper-alloyed products which are core parts for Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning System. Based on firm trust from our domestic market which has been accumulated by our efforts and passion, it has struggled to provide innovative products for the purpose of world market invasion.
The main brand, MICRODAM condensate removal pump is born while it has put its endless efforts based on technology development. MICRODAM condensate removal pump represents firm will to provide innovative products which cannot be compared with any other products in the global competitive world market generating vigor to condensate removal pump market. Over 17 years experience and our passion for condensate removal pump are fused inside MICRODAM. 

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