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Product Name Flame Resistance Tester
Model SM-1581/851
Series Cable Fire Testers
Product Description

Sungmin Instruments Flame Resistance Tester SM-1581/851

This tester is used to test non-flammability of textile, wires, rubber, and synthetic resin. You can freely move a sample holder with a timer that can time the duration of flame.
It is safely designed and manufactured in accordance with the IEC 60332 & UL 1581 specs.
The IEC 60332 has a low meter installed to adjust the amount of gas/air supply.

Model SM-1581 SM-851
Related standards UL 1581 IEC 60332-1
Sample support Vertical and horizontal sample support Vertical and gripper mounted type
Spark ignition angle 20° 45°±2(Slide Type)
Ignition type Automatic ignition Automatic ignition
Extinguishment type Timer setting/auto extinguishment
15 second ignition, 15 second off
Attachment of repetitive ignition setting counter
Timer setting
Flow control Flame length control GAS: 0-25l/min?Requlator control
AIR : 0-100cc/min-Requlator control
Burner LPG GAS Bunsen Burner Advance-mixed burner
(IEC 60695-2-4-1 standards)
Internal size of sample box 305 x 610 x 355 300 x 450 x 1200 ± 25mm
Product size 400 x 500 x 1300 1600 x 730 x 2100
Power supply 220VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase 220VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase
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