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Product Name Chamber
Series Cable Test Systems
Product Description

Sungmin Instruments Chamber

Air Changing oven(SM-RAT4000S)

Model SM-RAT 4000S
Temperature control range from Room temperature to + 300℃
Temperature control accuracy ± 1℃
Replacement control type LCD Touch Panel Screen
Recorder Recorder / Recorder Printer
Heater control type Current output SCR control
Speed 5 ~ 8 rpm
Amount of replacement 8~20 times (IEC 60811)
Dimension of chamber 500*500*600mm
Power AC 220V 60Hz 1Phase

Sungmin Instruments Chamber  1

  Ozone Aging Test Chamber(SM-OAT200)

Model SM-OAT 200
Ozone 0 - 200 pphm
Indication of density Digital control and indication type
Temperature range From room temperature to + 70℃
Temperature controller Digital P.I.D control
Measure density measurement and how to measure Digital P.I.D control by Ozone Analyzer
Static system 12 year model with a growth of 0-100%
Power 220VAC 50/60Hz 1Ph
Internal dimension 600 x 600 x 600

Sungmin Instruments Chamber  2

  Low Temb Bending Tester(SM-LT BSE)

Type Digital temperature set type
Material of chamber Stainless Steel
Freezer 3 HP *1 EA Air-cooled type
Temperature controller Digital temperature controller/ touch screen (Optional)
Heater 1.2kW
Related standards IEC - 60811
Power 220VAC 50/60Hz 1Phase

Sungmin Instruments Chamber  3

  Parallel Plate Plastometer(SM-PPT10-1)

Model SM-PPT10-1
Type 1~3 Year Model
Test load range 0 - 20kg
Sensing device for deformation Dial Gauge 0.01 * 10mm
Pressure plate 0.7 ± 0.01mm
Temperature control type Digital P.I.D Controller
Insulator Glass Wool
Recorder 6 point digital temperature recorder (optional)
Weight 120kg

Sungmin Instruments Chamber  4

  Oil Water Bath(SM-OB01)

Model SM-OB01

Test temperature

0 ~ 200℃ (MAX)
Interior materials SUS 304 Stainless steel
Power supply AC 220V 50/60Hz 1Phase
Glass tube for test 6EA ( 4Sungmin Instruments Chamber  5 x 350)mm
Safety device Safety over-temperature controller mounted with timer. Over current Break
Internal dimension 300 x 430 x 430

Sungmin Instruments Chamber  6

  Humidity Cycle Chamber(SM650)

Model SM - 650
Test temperature -50 , +150℃(0.1 ℃ indicated)
Adjustment of temperature and humidity ±1.5℃, ±3 % RH
Refrigeration 5HP *2SET(Closed two stage refrigeration)
Internal dimension 500 * 500 * 600
Temperature sensor PT 100Ω
Temperature control Digital P.I.CONTROLLER (Touch screen)
Circulation method BLOWER FAN MOTOR
Power supply AC 220V 50/ 60Hz 1Phase
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