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Product Name Graphite Master Machine
Model GM-E200
Series Cable Instruments
Product Description

Sungmin Instruments Graphite Master Machine GM-E200

The Graphite Machine is a device designed to evenly spray graphite to the outer sheath of high voltage cables to be buried underground. 

The Electro Static device operates at the entrance to generate static electricity at the surface of the cable.
Afterward, the Graphite injection nozzle will spray graphite to the cable surface.
Finally, the Brushing System brushes the cable surface to create gloss.

The scattered air inside goes through the circulation system. 
Graphite is then accumulated inside, and the filtered air is discharged outside, thus preventing graphite from being scattered outside. 


Product Specs

Type Static Deposition MethodGraphic Spreading
All in One
Wire size 200mm(Max)
Fault Alarm Blower, Electrostatic, Powder Low
Center Hight 950 ~1150 mm
Compressure Air Supply 4kgf/㎠
Talc Powder Shatter Equipment Cirulation & Ring blower
Heater 1.5KW Piate Heater
Size 760X1750X1015
Static Voltage 0 ~60KVDC Manual Model
Powder Supply 220V 50/60Hz 1Phase 3KW
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