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Product Name High Frequency Spark Tester
Model SM-HF-Series
Series Cable Instruments
Product Description

Sungmin Instruments High Frequency Spark Tester SM-HF-Series

Among the in-line facilities used for cable production, one of the most important tools is a spark tester.
It is easy to control. You can separate the compact designed controller and detector for installation.

Product Specs

Output voltage 100 ~ 15,000v
Output frequency 2500 ~3500Hz depending on lord capacitance
Load Current Resistive 4mA, Capacitive 35mA
Voltage indication 4 Digits LED
Fault indication 5 Digits electrode mechanical counter
Line speed Max 1300mpm
Fault indication LED lamp and Optionally aviailable. alarm unit
Contace outputs Spark faults relay 250V 5A, Excess faults relay 250V 5A
Interface Be able to adjust output voltage and reset from our of tester.
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