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Product Name Cast Resin Transformer (High efficiency)
Series Cast Resin Type
Product Description

Cast resin transformer (High efficiency) 

Using grain-oriented electrical steel and PHD-core as the silicone sheet of cast resin transformer and improving winding method, it optimizes total loss(no-load loss plus load loss) and significantly decreases noise - namely, it is low-noise and high efficient transformer. 
(1) No-load loss reduction 

Reduced standby power with more than 50 percent decrease of no-load loss against standard transformers by using grain-oriented electrical steel and PHD-core as the silicone sheet

(2) Load loss reduction 

More than 20 percent decrease of load loss by optimal winding design. 

(3) Low noise 

Improved noise to decrease over 7 to 11dB compared with KS standard


Applicable Standard

IEC 60076-11, KS C 4311


50, 60Hz

Insulation class

B or F

Temperature rise

80℃ or 100℃
BIL (kV)

System Voltage

Power frequency withstand voltage

Impulse Voltage

24 7.2 3.6 0.6 below
50 20 10 3
95 40 20 -

Primary voltage (kV)

22.9 6.6 33.3 0.6 below

Tap voltage (kV)


Secondary voltage (kV)

6.6, 3.3, 0.48, 0.44, 0.38, 0.22


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