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The SOOIL Development Company produced the first commercially available Insulin Pump in 1980. Since the very beginning and up until today and into the future SOOIL is committed to the scientific development and production of innovative, advanced medical solutions to improve the management and treatment of diabetes throughout the world.

SOOIL from the very beginning has been pivotal and leading the diabetes device industry with innovative design and new product development. In 1995 the company was selected for the ‘Advanced Medical Technique Development Plan (G-7 Project) by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea. This program was setup to provide funding and top university resources to Korean medical device companies that have unique and innovative technology capabilities. SOOIL was the first company in the program to commercially release a new product, the improved Dana Diabecare insulin pump in 1998.

In November 1999 SOOIL expanded its capabilities with the opening of a new Research and Development Facility in Seoul. Today the SOOIL R & D team collaborates with experts in the fields of medicine, Bio engineering and chemical engineering from Seoul National University and Konkuk University.

In addition to the Dana Diabecare insulin pumps, SOOIL is pursuing development of an artificial pancreas, an improved smaller version of the Dana Diabecare insulin pump, a minimal invasive glucose sensor and insulin sensitizers. SOOIL emphasizes quality in all aspects of its research and production and has been awarded the quality standards of CE Mark, ISO9001 and ISO13485.

The Dana Diabecare IIS, R and RS insulin pumps are the latest refinement of SOOIL technology. The innovation in these latest pumps reflects the SOOIL philosophy of putting the health and care of the patient with diabetes above all else. It is a vision of SOOIL to put the best management and treatment methods within the reach of every person requiring insulin worldwide.

Welcome to the world of Dana Diabecare products and innovative smart insulin pump system.

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