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Product Name DiaPlexQ™ Influenza Virus A/B & A Subtype Detection Kit (Respiratory Disease)
Series Molecular Diagnostic (Pathogen Detection)
Product Description

DiaPlexQ™ Influenza Virus A/B & A Subtype Detection Kit

Real-Time OneStep RT-PCR based assay system for simultaneous detection of influenza virus A and B, A subtypes


Influenza is a family of RNA enveloped viruses that affects mammals and birds. Among three types of influenza viruses A, B and C. Influenza A is the most important in human infection. Influenza is a huge public health concern that occur in Seasonal epidemic and has caused pandemic level infections. There are three types of influenza viruses; A, B and C. In which specificity is conferred by internal nucleoprotein and matrix protein antigens. Influenza A and B are the major Causative agents of human acute respiratory disease worldwide, while Influenza virus C occurs much less frequently than A and B, That is why only influenza A and B are included in seasonal influenza vaccines.


DiaPlexQ™ Influenza Virus A/B & A Subtype Detection Kit
Detection targetSet Ⅰ(Influenza Virus A Subtype): H1N1-Seasonal
Set Ⅱ(Influenza Virus A Subtype): H5N1
H7 common
Set Ⅲ (Influenza Virus A Subtype): Influenza A
Influenza B
Detection technologyReal-Time OneStep RT-PCR
Specimen typeNasopharyngeal swab, Nasopharyngeal aspirate, Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), Nasal swab, Oropharyngeal swab, Sputum
Analytical sensitivity10 - 10² copies
Compatible instruments*ABI 7500 / 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System (Applied Biosystems) CFX96™ Real-Time PCR System (Bio-Rad)
PCR running time~ 2 hrs


- Simple & Rapid detection system : OneStep Multiplex qRT-PCR based detection

- HotStart PCR system : Ultra high specific and sensitive result

- Reliable system : Automatic PCR control

- Positive control included



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Ordering information

TechnologyCat. No.ProductContents
Real-Time PCRSQD43-K020 (20 reaction)DiaPlexQ™ Influenza Virus A/B & A Subtype Detection KitOneStep qRT-PCR Enzyme mix (Influenza)
2X OneStep qRT-PCR Buffer (Influenza)
Primer & Probe Mixture I (Inf A Sub)
Primer & Probe Mixture II (Inf A Sub)
Primer & Probe Mixture III (Inf A/B)
Control Template I (Inf A Sub)
Control Template II (Inf A Sub)
Control Template III (Inf A/B)
RNase free Water
SQD43-K100 (100 reaction)

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