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Product Name [SPD] Solg™ Pfu DNA Polymerase (Amplification)
Series Research Reagents (PCR)
Product Description

[SPD] Solg™ Pfu DNA Polymerase

For blunt-end PCR fragment amplification with high accuracy

High fidelity PCR

Amplicon size : ~ 3 kb

Solg™ Pfu DNA Polymerase is a recombinant type PCR enzyme, which has 12 times higher fidelity than other Taq DNA polymerase. It is recommended to use cloning for the purpose of protein expression which is required high fidelity. Produced target amplificon have blunt-end. You may modify the amount of template, extension time, annealing temperature, amount of Taq DNA polymerase, the number of PCR cycle, and amount of 5X Band Doctor™ according to the target size, primer’s Tm, and the type of templates for amplification.


SourcePyrococcus furiosus
Amplicon size~ 3 kb
Hot start activityNo
5’→ 3’ exonuclease activityNo3’A or Blunt endsBlunt
3’→ 5’ exonuclease activit yYesError rate1-2 bp error / 10⁶ bp


High fidelity PCR, Site-directed mutagenesis, Blunt-end cloning


Park AR and Oh DK,

Effects of galactose and glucose on the hydrolysis reaction of a thermostable β-galactosidase from Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology , 85 : 1427-35, 2010

Kim ES, Hong BJ,

et al., Effects of lateral spacing on enzymatic on-chip DNA polymerization, Biosensors and Bioelectronics , 26 : 2566-73, 2011

Cho JI, Burla,

et al, Expression analysis and functional characterization of the monosaccharide transporters, OsTMTs, involving vacuolar sugar transport in rice (Oryza sativa), New Phytologist, 186 : 657-668, 2010


FormatProduct ImageContentsStorage & Expiry Date

Solg ™ Pfu DNA Polymerase (2.5 U/㎕)
10X Pfu Reaction Buffer (25 mM MgCl₂mixed)
10 mM dNTP Mix
5X Band Doctor™
2 years 3 months (In case of Store at -20 ℃ ± 5 ℃)
Smart mix

2X Pfu PCR Smar t mix1 year 6 months (In case of Store at -20 ℃ ± 5 ℃)

2X Pfu PCR Pre-Mix1 year 6 months (In case of Store at -20 ℃ ± 5 ℃)

Ordering information

FormatCat. No.ProductSizePrice(won)
StandardSPD16-R250Solg ™ Pfu DNA Polymerase250 U
(200 reaction)
SPD16-R500Solg ™ Pfu DNA Polymerase500 U-
SPD16-R25hSolg ™ Pfu DNA Polymerase2,500 U
(500 U x 5 ea)
SPD16-R50hSolg ™ Pfu DNA Polymerase5,000 U
(500 U x 10 ea)
Smart mixSPD01-M50hSolg ™ 2X Pfu PCR Smar t mix 1, with dye1 ㎖ x 5 ea
(200 reaction)
SPD02-M50hSolg ™ 2X Pfu PCR Smart mix 2 (0.5X B and Doctor), with dye1 ㎖ x 5 ea-
Pre-MixSPD01-P096Solg ™ 2X Pfu PCR Pre-Mix, with dye, total volume 30 ㎕ reaction96 tube
(8 strip x 12 ea)
SPD01-P288Solg ™ 2X Pfu PCR Pre-Mix, with dye, total volume 30 ㎕ reaction288 tube
(8 strip x 36 ea)
SPD01-P576Solg ™ 2X Pfu PCR Pre-Mix, with dye, total volume 30 ㎕ reaction576 tube
(8 strip x 72 ea)
Single itemSPD22-B50hSolg ™ 10X Pfu Reaction Buffer1 ㎖ x 5 ea
(1,000 reaction)

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