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Product Name Waste heat retrieval gas hot air blowers
Model RAH-20G/40G
Series Fired Gas Hot Air Blowers (AH Series)
Product Description

Product characteristic 

- 20%~50% of energy recovery rate through recovery of exhaust gas heat 
- Energy use rationalization fund support target by Korea Energy Management Corporation 
- Applying burner with outstanding combustibility 
- Easy temperature control with wide load control range designed as modulating control type 
- Outstanding ignition in hot air compound room with PILOT ignition 
- No corrosion due to excessive heat with safe hot air compound 
- Installing safe hot air supply air blower 

Equipment to apply 

- 필름점착 코팅
- 수성점착 코팅 
- Dry lamination and laminator
- 수성라미네이팅 전사지 건조 
- 수성점착 건조
- 수성인쇄 건조 
- 식품 건조     


Sinsung Ener-tech Waste heat retrieval gas hot air blowers RAH-20G/40G

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