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Product Name
Model SG-2028B
Series Noise Generator
Product Description


This equipment allows us to control 8 channels of output terminals simultaneously which emits the signals in accordance with IEC 60268-1 specifications that are used to test the reliability of power amplifier. 
 Such a new method has been adopted as, instead of adjusting voltage directly by using a noise signal with which we usually have difficulty in setting voltage, we get the accurate voltage after having set an accurate voltage by using 1KHz of sine wave and then converting it into the noise signal. 
Special Feature:

1. The signal sources consist of 4 such as white, pink, filter (Pink+IEC 60268-1), sine wave (1 KHz) 
 2. The digital switch allows you to choose any signal which you want to emit 
 3. It has 8 channels of output terminals 
 4. It has 4 channels of auxiliary terminals which are used to obtain outside signals. 


1. Noise : WHITE,PINK,FILTER(PINK+IEC 60268-1),Sine(1KHz)
 2. OutPut : XLR (Low Z)
    High Impedance RCA Jack(High Z)
 3. INPUT : RCA Jack 4 Channel (Aux1,Aux2,Aux3,Aux4)
 4. Dimensions : 140 (H) x 435 (W) x 380 (D) mm
 5. Weight : approx 8.2 kg
 6. Power Requirements : AC 110V/220V 10% 50/60Hz 

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