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Our company was organized newly in 1984 and developed in 1987 our flexible conduit (tube) & connectors domestically for the time, and subsequently in 1989, we developed the Cable Carrier Chain for the first time domestically. Then, in 1998, we obtained a patent of invention for fittings used for Non-Metal flexible conduit for the first time domestically, and have been exporting it together with the above-mentioned cable carrier chain, flexible conduit & conducts, etc to over 30 countries in the world.

We are pleased to inform you that our products are well acknowledged as technical-intensive type enterprise of Minor Enterprise, with UL, KS, CE, EM, ISO, ABS, innovation enterprise in technique, INOBIZ acquisition, appointed as venture enterprise, certification of export prospective minor enterprise, certification of part & material enterprise and so on.

We made our production line as automation by automating the production procession and equipped with automatic production system of product, automatic checking system against badness, and finally constructed both production facilities and production line where bad product cannot happen at all.

By making about 3,000 types of parts produced by us full computation, we have come to secure stocks and transport line which can supply at once, to the place where the customer wants, any time and any where, stockpiling the stocks at all times, and are also equipped with supper service which can impress our customers. Also, in case of problem happening, we are always ready with urgent team which can settle the sales within one day to the least, and so please order with easy mind.

We are equipped with technique and ability to impress you form quality, price and delivery, and we are always tensed to develop new technique, new item development and cost reduction, and we are the enterprise to research night and day ceaselessly.

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