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Product Name Auto T.E.N.S.
Model SLG-3N
Series Physical Therapy
Product Description

SLG-3N has 4 kinds of automatic therapy program according to therapy objectives and therefore, it leads nerve and uscle electric stimulating to soft feeling. In case that pain on shoulder or waist is due to wrong balance between left and right, 3 electrodes are used with adjustment of balancing function.  


FEATURES Shinjin Electronics Auto T.E.N.S. SLG-3N             

ㆍEasy to handle due to full-auto therapy equipment.
ㆍMore effective because of heat-electrode
ㆍRolling therapy equipment(Mainly balance therapy for the spine)
ㆍEasy to read digital indication.
ㆍ4 kinds of full-auto system as well as 15 kinds of stimulus.
ㆍMore comfortable feeling via cranial treatment stimulus.  


SPECIFICATIONS Shinjin Electronics Auto T.E.N.S. SLG-3N 1            

Model SLG-3N
Power AC 220V / 60Hz
Power Consumption 35VA
Treatment current 28mA (Max)
Treatment Frequency Manual control(1-1000Hz)
Auto control(Mode 1-4)
Time setting Up to 15min.
Heat electrode temp 40°C
Weight 6 kg
Dimention 430(W) x 310(D) x 170(H)mm



Shinjin Electronics Auto T.E.N.S. SLG-3N 2

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