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Product Name H/HC Type Pressure Control Valve
Model HG-03, HG-06, HG-10, HGM-03-20, HGM-03X-20, HGM-03-P-20, HGM-03X-P-20, HGM-06-20, HGM-06X-20, HGM-06-P-20, HGM-06X-P-20, HGM-10-20, HGM-10X-20, HGM-10-P-20, HM-10X-P-20, HCG-03, HCG-06, HCG-10
Series Valve / Pressure Control Valve
Catalog Catalog-Sewon Cellontech-Pressure Control Valve-H,HC Type Pressure Control Valve.pdf
Product Description

H/HC Type Pressure Control Valve

- Maximum operating pressure : 21MPa
- Direct-acting-typed pressure controlling valve Available to use as the counter balance, sequence, unloading and the low pressured relief valve depending
  on the combinations