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Product Name
Model SW-1 Series
Series Thermal Fuse
Catalog SW-1.pdf
Product Description

Thermal Fuse : SW-1 Series

SW-1 Series uses thermally stable insulation type organic material


■ Thermally stable insulation type with organic material as a fusible element
■ Metallic Case, Axial, Spring action type
■ Compact, high current capacity, sensitive to ambient temperature 
■ Single operation for over-temperature protection

Technical Range

Rated Voltage 250VAC and 125VAC
Rated Current 10A at 250VAC and 15A at 125VAC
Interrupting Current 250VAC, 15A



■ Electric home appliances : Refrigerator, TVs, Computers
■ Cook appliances : Grills, Induction cookers, Gas Stoves, Fryers
■ Heating devices : Boilers, Hot water appliances, coffee machine
■ Beauty appliances : Hair Driers, Hair Straighteners 

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