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Product Name RS485 Communication type
Model SC110E/210E
Series Digital Indicators
Product Description



SC110E and SC210E Indicators have Micro Processor and RS-485 communication function. The models be able to telecommunication. Available to Up to 32 sets of indicators could be parallel. Easy setting by click the front button, it is possible to set Hi/Low points, full scale values, the decimal point and Calibration. When power outages it retains its data.


- Input Signal: 1~3mV/V(SC110E), V or mA(SC210E)
- RS-232 Output
- Reading Rate: 19,200 Baud rate(Max)
- Transmission Method: 8bit, no parity, 1stop bit
- Max Readout : ±19999
- Auto Zero Point Setting
- Analog Output : 0, 1~5V, 10V, 4~20mA(DIP S/W)
- Function: Data Hold, Peak Hold, Reset 
- Frequency Filter : 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz(DIP S/W)
- 48mm×96mm Aluminum Case 


Sensor System Technology RS485 Communication type SC110E/210E

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