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Product Name RS232C Communication type
Model SC110R/210R
Series Digital Indicators
Product Description  



SC110R and SC210R Indicators have Micro Processor and RS-232 communication function. The models apply best available for local area network. Easy setting by click the front button, it is possible to set Hi/Low points, full scale values, the decimal point and Calibration. When power outages it retains its data. 


- Input Signal: 1~3mV/V(SC110R), V or mA(SC210R)
- RS-232 Output
- Reading Rate: 19,200 Baud rate(Max)
- Transmission Method: 8bit, no parity, 1stop bit
- Max Readout : ±19999
- Auto Zero Point Setting
- Analog Output : 0, 1~5V, 10V, 4~20mA(DIP S/W)
- Function: Data Hold, Peak Hold, Reset 
- Frequency Filter : 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz(DIP S/W)
- 48mm×96mm Aluminum Case 


Sensor System Technology RS232C Communication type SC110R/210R

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