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Product Name Multi Input Type
Model A1-2000
Series Digital Indicators
Catalog Multi Input Type Digital Indicator.pdf
Product Description



Model A1-2000 is a 4-1/2digit(±19999 count) industrial process indicator with legible 3-color, 20mm high LED digit. It is designed to read various inputting signals such as V, mV, mA, TC, RTD, Load Cell and others. All settings can be done with buttons in the front. 


- Accepts V, mV, mA, TC, RTD, Load Cell
- Legible 3-color Display : ±19999(20mm high 3-color LED)
- AL1, AL2, GO RELAY Contact Output
- 0~5V, 1~5V, 0~10V, 4~20mA Analog Output 
- RS485 Communication
- SENSOR POWER (24V, 10V, 5V)
- External Digital Input(D/I) : PEAK, HOLD, RESET, ZERO
- Dimension : 96mm×48mm×111.5mm


- Lock On/Off
- Zero-Adjustment
- Factory Reset
- Error Information
- Firmware Update Information
- Input Signal Control
- Special Functions(Root, Square) 
- Response Rate Control
- Display Scale Control
- Decimal Point Control
- Display Lower-Limit Control
- Alarm HI/LOW Setting
- Analog Output Signal Setting
- Analog Output Scale Setting
- Analog Output Calibration 
- Peak Setting
- Communication Setting
- Digital Input Signal Control
- Display Response Rate Control
- Digit Color Control
- Alarm of Signal Disconnection for Temperature Sensor


Sensor System Technology Multi Input Type A1-2000

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