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Product Name Digital Temperature Transmitter for External Power
Model TIG
Series Temperature Sensors
Catalog Explosion Proofed Temperature Transmitter with Local Indication.pdf
Product Description



TIG model, has Explosion Proof(Ex d IIC T6) and water-proof(IP67) is idle for a danger area and at the place is required to be waterproofed. Its sensing element is made with PT100. With 4-1/2 Digit Backlight LCD, it can not only display up to ±19999 but also is visible from the dark place. Its functions, Analog output, Relay output and RS-485 communication, Pressure Unit convertor and Scale adjustment can be utilized with a variety of controller.


- Explosion proof approval to Ex d IIC T6, IP67
- 4 1/2 digit Backlight LCD display
- Built-in amplifier circuit(VDC, mA)
- Optional 2-channel Relay output
- Optional RS485 output
- Measuring range -50~600℃
- 0.2%FS accuracy


- Chemical & Petrochemical
- Process Control & Monitoring
- Food & Pharmaceutical
- lant utility monitoring


Sensor System Technology Digital Temperature Transmitter for External Power TIG

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