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Product Name Pressure Transmitter
Model PLN, PLA
Series Level Sensors
Catalog Depth and Level Transmitter.pdf
Product Description



The PL model, the high-precise pneumatic level Transmitterr, is waterproof up to a depth of 350m and uses the polyurethane vented cable; thereby being used in seawater and performing atmospheric compensation. It is appropriate for deep wells and tank level.


- 4~20mA, 1~5VDC output
- Gauge and absolute measurement
- 0.15%FS accuracy
- Diameter : PLN(Φ21), PLA(Φ27)
- Fully sealed construction
- Vented polyurethane cable
- Piezoresistive silicon cell
- Stainless steel(316L) media-wetted materials


- Tank Level Measurement
- Deep Well Measurement
- Ship & Marine System
- Ground & Surface Water Monitoring 
- Geophysical Application
- Water Supply & Reservoirs 


Sensor System Technology Pressure Transmitter PLN, PLA

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