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Product Name Digital Pressure Gauge for External Power
Model SSG
Series Pressure Sensors
Catalog Digital Pressure Gauge / Switch.pdf
Product Description



SSG model contains Microprocessor in default. Moreover, it is a Pressure Gauge/Switch with characteristics of LED Display, 1~5VDC or 4~20mA(3wire) Analog Output, 2-Channel RELAY Output. Since it uses IP65 structure, there is no limitation with environmental conditions. As Pressure Sensor, Indicator and Switch are integrated in order to realize providing it at low price.


- CE Certified
- IP65 Protection
- LED display(Height 10mm)
- Built-in amplifier circuit(1~5VDC,4~20mA 3Wire)
- Optional 2-channel switching output
- Measuring range -0.1~500MPa
- 0.5~0.8%FS accuracy
- 18~26VDC


- Process control
- Hydraulics & Pneumatic
- Compressor Control
- Chillers
- Refrigeration Equipment



Sensor System Technology Digital Pressure Gauge for External Power SSG

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