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Product Name Digital Pressure Gauge for External Power
Model SMA(CR)
Series Pressure Sensors
Catalog Compact Size(30X30mm) Corrosin Resistance Type Digital Pressure Gauge / Switch.pdf
Product Description



SMA(Corrosion Resistance) model is suitable for corrosive environment because of its ceramic pressure cell and Teflon body. This model, also, contains Microprocessor in default. Moreover, it is a Pressure Gauge / Switch with characteristics of LED Display, 0~5, 1~5, 0~10VDC or 4~20mA Analog Output, 2-Channel NPN or PNP Open Collector Output. As Pressure Sensor, Indicator and Switch are integrated in order to realize providing it at low price.


- CE Certified 
- Compact design(30mm×30mm) 
- ±1999 Digit LED display 
- 1~5, 0~5, 0~10VDC or 4~20mA analog output 
- 2-channel NPN or PNP open collector output 
- Piezoresistive ceramic cell 
- Measuring range 0~1MPa 
- PTFE, VITON or Perfluoroelastomer media-wetted materials 


- Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment 
- High-purity Fluids 
- Chemical Process 
- Physics and Chemistry Equipment 
- Waste Disposing Equipment 


Sensor System Technology Digital Pressure Gauge for External Power SMA(CR)

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