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Product Name Pressure Transmitters for Special Model
Model PSH(F/D)
Series Pressure Sensors
Catalog High Performance Pressure Transducer.pdf
Product Description



The PSH(Flush Diaphragm) model is designed as a flush diaphragm suitable for sanitary use and is high precise for tank levels. Media-wetted materials thereof are composed by stainless steel 316 to have superior corrosion-resistant properties. It is applied to precise measurement and builds an amplifier therein to interface with various kinds of controllers.


- CE Certified
- VDC, mA output
- Measuring range 0~3.5MPa
- 0.15%FS accuracy
- Gauge and absolute measurement
- Piezoresistive silicon cell
- Stainless steel(316L) media-wetted materials


- Food Process control
- Water Resource management
- Sewage Water & Slurry
- Glues & Resins
- Oils & Lubricants
- Cosmetics & Pulps
- Abrasive Liquids


Sensor System Technology Pressure Transmitters for Special Model PSH(F/D)

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