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Product Name Pressure Transmitters for Precision Model
Model PHP
Series Pressure Sensors
Catalog Pressure Transducer for Precision Measurements.pdf
Product Description



The PHP digital pressure transducer is a high accuracy and performance for precision pressure measurement component that uses either RS-232 to communicate with host computer and analog output. The PHP have a excellent small temperature error below 0.025% in the range of -10~50℃. The communication S/W is included in delivery.


- VDC, mA Analog output
- RS232 Digital output
- Measuring range 0~150MPa
- 0.035%FS accuracy
- Gauge and absolute measurement
- Stainless steel media-wetted materials


- Measurement and test benches
- Calibration technology
- Laboratories
- Plant construction and machine building


Sensor System Technology Pressure Transmitters for Precision Model PHP

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