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Product Name Gas Leak Alarm Receiver
Model SI-100I
Series Receiver
Product Description

Gas leak alarm receiver : SI-100I

ㆍDevice description

SI-100I SET is a combustible gas detector that consists of a sensing unit and a receiver. This is used to detect gas leaks in the pipe or valve. SI-100I SET is a low-priced entry-level products.

ㆍMajor Applications

Steelworks, petrochemical, refining, shipbuilding, wastewater treatment plants and septic tank, LPG tank facilities, LNG gas plant


SENKO Gas Leak Alarm Receiver SI-100I

SENKO Gas Leak Alarm Receiver SI-100I 1

01. Simple structure, reasonable price
02. Sophisticated design and simple structure
03. 3 Colored LED and F.N.D gas concentration display
04. Easy zero calibration and built-in calibration mode
05. Self test mode
06. Displays the number of calibration and sensor efficiency

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