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Product Name UV LED Module for Polymerization (Batch Type)
Product Description

This module is designed to allow the intensity of illumination and the quantity of irradiation to be controlled to respond to various thickness hanges in cured products and much change in irradiation amount in the process, and is configured to be controlled and replaced by areas to respond to changes in life time management of LEDs. The module manages the life of products by monitoring the temperature of products and LED module in real time.

Main Use : Companies which produce Batch Type curing products

Product Features
a. Array the high-powered 365nm LED along the line and irradiate the dedicated lens on high power.
b. Maintain a high intensity of illumination at a distance of 10mm or longer and keep 2.8W even at 30mm.
C. Capable of minimizing product deformations resulting from heat by removing IR


ㆍ IRRADIATION AREA : Width 400mm * Length 400mm
ㆍ WAVELENGTH : 365nm
ㆍ Intensity : more 2.5w/cm2
ㆍ Working Distance : 10mm
ㆍ Uniformity : 90%
ㆍ Unit Size : W * L * H
ㆍ Cooling : Air (Water)
ㆍ Circumstance : 0~35C, 35~85%

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