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Product Name UV Curing Machine for Manufacturing Optical Films
Model SACM-M25K4/PR
Series UV Curing
Product Description

Motivation for Development
A variety of films are needed in the display industry. This is developed for the curing system suitable for the production of polarized films for displays of 3D TVs and game consoles, prism films for LCDS back light units, and scattered films. The curing system for imprinting Nano/macro-sized lens and patterns has been developed and gained reputations in the process of manufacturing optical films. 

Main Use : For optical film-manufacturing process 

Product Features
① Perfectly equipped with the curing conditions of the product Capable of controlling temperatures during the process, imprinting each different pattern on the top and bottom surfaces on a film, and producing films with different performance
② Very easy to adjust UV flux due to the adoption of fully electronic ballasts 
③ Optimized for the processing of high-quality products in a software/hardware manner, only with high-purity, specific wavelengths of UV bands 
④ Made to suit the optical, mechanical, and chemical process 
⑤ Adopt various indicators that show the operational status of the monitoring window, warning tower lamp, and other UV lamps for the operator to check the state of processing products at any time
⑥ Have a large capacity system due to the line speed and the width of the product, and has the safety element enhanced
⑦ As a UV cure system which adopts an optical system equipped with lens and a mirror to suit the process conditions, the product’s width is up to 2,500mm, and the multi-lamp system has been applied for the production speed of the product. 
⑧ For the maximum amount of light irradiation, 10,000mj/cm2 and 20-30mpm is possible. 

Main Specifications

Seimyuing Vactron UV Curing Machine for Manufacturing Optical Films SACM-M25K4/PR

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