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Let’s serve the world

After establishing our company in 1992 under the motto of ‘Let’s server the world,’ we have consistently growing up based on our customers’ trust, importing and selling automatic control devices which are the essential components required in the field of factory automation.

We are supplying optical sensors which function as human eyes, and other numerous items such as vision sensors, proximity sensors, optical data transmission devices, industrial PCs and power supplies, stepping motors and drivers, controllers for determining locations, etc. across the overall industry fields in Korea.

In particular, we are playing an important role in the development of the domestic automation industry by supplying components necessary for semiconductor manufacture lines, FTF LCD manufacture lines, automobile manufacture lines, automation lines of logistics in the steel industry, etc.

Localization of products through consistent research and development of source technologies

We do not just import and sell automatic control devices, but we succeeded in localization of numerous products through technical alliance with domestic control device brands by introducing the technologies of developed countries.

We are also increasing re-exportation of products overseas, as well as supplying products to domestic TFT LCD manufacturing brands. Up until now, we are mainly dealing with OEM supplies, but we are planning to increase supply of products in our own brand through establishment of our own research lab.


In order to actively cope with the changes of the times, we will construct a global network and pursue intensification of competitiveness and specialization through sharing of information and outsourcing, and keep exerting efforts for diversification of our business. We promise to do our best for growing up into a social enterprise that will continue to contribute to our society for more than 50 years, preferably more than 100 years.

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