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Product Name Distribution Transformer
Series Oil Immersed Transformer
Catalog Catalog SANIL Distribution Transformer.PDF
Product Description

Distribution Transformers provide the necessary power for systems and buildings on the last transformation step from the power station to the consumer. Accordingly, their operation must be reliable, efficient and at the same time silent 


Sanil distribution transformer provides optimized design of high efficiency, compact size and low noise for easy installation, energy saving, and minimized operating cost.


● Maximum Rated Capacity : 3MVA 

● Maximum Rated Voltage : 34.5kV 

● Frequency : 50, 60 Hz

● Phase : 1Ø, 3Ø 

● Insulation : A Class

● Cooling method : ONAN, ONAF

● Standard : IEC, IEEE, ANSI, NEMA 

● Oil preserving Type : Conservator Type, Breather Type,Sealed Type 

● Bushing installation type: CABLE BOX, BUS-DUCT,OPEN-TOP

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