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Samyoung Machinery is a global company specializing in diesel engines for locomotive and medium-speed marine industries.

Over 40 years of experience and lots of accumulated knowledge in the industry enable Samyoung to have world-highest productivity and price competitiveness accompanied by high performance and environment-friendliness. Samyoung Machinery plays a vital role in domestic ship-building industry by supplying engine parts to diesel engine-manufacturing conglomerates and helping Korean ship-building industry remain competitive in many aspects to be ranked in first place. Approved and credited for technologies and qualities, Samyoung now exports various engine parts to the world’s leading diesel engine manufacturers including MAN in Germany and others in the USA, Europe, Asia, and South America.

One of the Samyoung’s key characteristics is extensive vertical integration. Samyoung has all the major process in house to manufacture diesel engine parts and engine assembly, for instance, design, analysis, casting, machining, assembly and quality control. This vertical integration is very rare in diesel industry and gives Samyoung an easy access to accomplish performance improvement, environmental issues and lower price in a relative short period of time.

Instead of remaining complacent with the current success and recognition in the industry, Samyoung Machinery continues to invest diligently in R&D for environment-friendly diesel engine with the world’s best performance and is taking one step further to explore new innovative technologies in other industries as well.

“Diesel Innovation”

It has been more than 100 years since German engineer Rudolf Diesel invented a diesel engine for the first time in 1893. Even though there were numerous improvements in diesel engines during the last century, Samyoung is willing to make another innovation with its own technology in this field. Development of high-powered, environment-friendly and price competitive diesel engines are the ultimate goal of Samyoung Machinery Co.,Ltd.

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