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With our company motto of “Everything depends on our mind” and our philosophy of "Develop and lead practical technologies,” we, SAMWOO TCC, have been founded to create new technologies. 
Based on experienced researchers and employees, we have contributed to the key industry by producing high-quality products at reasonable prices through customer-first service rather than profit-centered supply during the production procedures of all products. 

We provide a BM system with respect to the products which could not have been introduced due to expensive prices at the production site and reformed the system perfectly with OEM and similar technologies. 
The technology management based on customers of SAMWOO TCC leads the improvement of our sales without any difficulty in market entry. We have built a network connecting the national research institutes to boost R&D and have introduced outsourcing and have reduced production systems to secure excellence in the reasonable price setting system equal to those of large companies. Through these efforts, we are realizing the goal of increasing our sales.

In addition, we purchase good raw materials with cash by aiming at the venture and pioneering spirit with non-borrowing management and return our profits from cost-saving and high-quality products. We have conducted the active and smooth corporate activities as an on-going company. 
We, SAMWOO TCC, will invest in constant technology research with an interest in customers and believe and promise that we will lead the industry with our customers into the future.

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